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Read the LCA Elementary School Profile to see an overview about our cirriculum, spiritual development, average Standardized Testing Scores, STEM program, and more! 


Watch the LCA kindergarten video to hear about the benefits of beginning your child's education at LCA.








Letter from the principal, Chad Smith


As the principal of Liberty Christian Academy’s Elementary School, I consider it an honor and a sacred responsibility to serve and work at LCA. As the parent of three children who have attended LCA the past six years I cannot say enough about the wonderful, caring and Christ like staff and faculty who make up the LCA team. I look forward to working with the dedicated faculty and staff members to provide the best and safest possible education for our students in an ever changing world.




WSAT (Writing Skills Assessment Test)


1st Grade WSAT Rubric

2nd Grade WSAT Rubric

3rd Grade WSAT Rubric

4th & 5th Grade WSAT Rubric