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Fine Arts


The LCA Fine Arts Department is unique in that it allows each student to develop awareness that the arts are a vital part of daily life. The fine arts are the part of the educational process that fosters the creative, God-given talents and abilities of the student in expressive media. The arts are designed for spiritual, cultural, and aesthetic enrichment as well as personal satisfaction through meaningful experiences and performances in a Christ-centered environment. The arts lend themselves to group and individual participation from which the student can develop coordination skills, concentration, self-discipline, and a sense of accomplishment.

Our department offers classes in the area of art, band, choir and drama. Students have the opportunity in each area to excel in their desired field and experience opportunities in those areas that will allow them to achieve their highest potential. Our students have performed at the Gator Bowl in Florida, A Gaither Christmas Homecoming Tour, presented various plays including “High School Musical” and had artwork displayed that continues to demonstrate the students’ creativity.