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LCA Christian Service (grade 9-12)

New Christian Service Getting Started Guide!


Liberty Christian Academy desires its students to live out: 


James 1: 22 – “But be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves."

James 2: 17 – “In the same way faith if it doesn't have works, is dead by itself.”


For this reason, Liberty Christian Academy has a Christian service requirement in order to graduate or be promoted to the next grade level. This policy began the 2011-2012 school year.

Because the Academy’s primary mission is to provide opportunities for students to realize their God given potential, LCA believes this Christian service is defined as “acts of service within the student’s local community without pay or compensation.” Christian service will allow them to experience the joy of the Lord through meeting the needs of others.

Please Note:

  • LCA requires students in grades 9-12 to perform a minimum of 20 Christian service hours per year.

  • Students who fail to turn in their Christian service hours by the second Friday in May will note receive their transcripts until they have successfully completed their hours.

  • Students completing Christian Service hours during the summer for the previous school year will not be awarded more than 20 hours 


Christian Service Approval Process:

Pre--approved Christian Service Opportunities


The students’ current Bible teacher will act as the pre-approving authority for all community service projects. The community service projects posted on the LCA Christian Service website do not need pre-approval from the Bible teachers.


Once the student has performed the community service, the student will have his/her supervisor fill out the Christian service evaluation form. This form is to be turned into the Bible teacher.  Once turned in, the Bible teacher will post the hours on edline.  You will then see the number of completed hours posted next to CSER.


Christian service may be conducted in the summer. However, students may not get ahead in their Christian service. The student may perform as much Christian service as they desire, but the student will only get credit for up to 25 hours per year. The Christian service evaluation form must be turned into the Bible teacher by the end of the second full week of school in order for the summer hours to be counted.


The LCA student may serve in as many projects as possible to attain the 20 hours.

The LCA High School Principal, with direction from the Superintendent, has the authority to grant exceptions to this policy.


  • 80 hours of Christian service required for graduation (20 hours per year)
  • 100 hours required for silver cord at graduation.


Students that earn 100 hours or more of Christian service during their four years at LCA will be recognized and given silver cords to wear at graduation to represent this accomplishment. The community service will be annotated on the student’s transcript and is a graduation requirement.


Students who transfer to LCA will be given their Christian service requirement based on when they arrive by their Bible teacher.  Students who stay at LCA for a fifth year will have an additional yearly Christian service requirement. A fifth year senior must have 120 hours to graduate and 150 hours to receive a silver cord at graduation.



 There are two forms associated with this policy:

1. Christian Service Guidelines: This form is to be given to the Christian service supervisor.

LCA Christian Service Supervisor Guidelines Form

2. Christian Evaluation Form: This form is filled out by the student and supervisor once the service is complete. This is the form that allows the supervisor to “rate” the student. This form is to be turned into the student's Bible teacher.

LCA Christian Service Reflection And Evaluation Form


Notes regarding the Christian service policy:

  • Students cannot perform the Christian service in their own family owned business (business owned by a parent or relative).
  • Students may work for their local church in some capacity to fulfill this requirement (nursery, praise band, etc). However, hours in rehearsal do not count towards this requirement.
  • The Virginia Christmas Spectacular performance (not rehearsal) hours count towards the Christian service requirement.




Each class will participate in a minimum of one grade level Christian service project. The division principal along with the middle school teachers will support this effort (Examples include: book drive, food drive, clothing drive, singing at local nursing home, adopt a troop program, Teddy Bear Collection for needy children, etc).



The elementary school will participate in a minimum of one school level Christian service project. The division principal along with the elementary school teachers will support this effort (Examples include: book drive, food drive, clothing drive, singing at local nursing home, adopt a troop program, Teddy Bear Collection for needy children, etc).