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lca Reading Program

We believe the habit of reading is of the utmost importance. The research is clear; students who read regularly experience greater academic success, communicate more effectively, and develop greater confidence. We want our students to be proficient, lifelong readers who can comprehend and think critically about what they read both in and out of the classroom.


Students in grades 1-4 are encouraged to participate in the AR program, which provides students the opportunity to read at their own reading level and to demonstrate their understanding through computerized quizzes. Students can earn incentives throughout the year for meeting their goals. Parents can sign up with AR Home Connect to monitor their students' progress throughout the year.


Students in grades 5-12 will use ReadingPlus, a web-based program that helps students develop the skills they need to be proficient reades and independent learners. Reading Plus will help students read faster with better comprehension. 

LCA Reading resources


AR Handbook - This document provides a summory of the AR program used in grades 1-4.


AR Bookfinder - This is an educational tool that matches students to their reading level.


Renaissance Home Connect - This is a Guide to Viewing Accelerated Reader from your Home.


Accelerated Reader Honor Code


LCA Reading Program and Reading plus FAQs- This document provides an overview of the various reading programs utilized at LCA, and answers questions about the new reading program in grades 5-12, Reading Plus.