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Benny the bulldog


 Benny The Bulldog is now the official mascot for LCA!

Benny was born right here in Lynchburg on October 9th, 2009. His first appearance at LCA was at the age of nearly one year old. His first game was on an away game, when LCA visited the Amherst Lancers and came home victorious. He went on to appear at every game from then on until homecoming.

Ralph Waldo BigBull, Benny's great, great, great, great grandfather, whom he was named after, also had some field time cheering for the "Dawgs" in the early 1980s at LCA. Ralph was a regular show off at LCA events until his passing in 1985 of old age. As far as we know, since Ralph's passing there has never "officially" been a live bulldog mascot re-named to the school. I had the pleasure of Mr. Patterson naming our Benny as the official mascot of LCA.

Benny the Bulldog can be seen before and after games, and will be happy to put up a paw for a high-five or pose with your family for pictures. We do ask that as much as possible, all photo opportunities would take place a distance from the athletic activities out of respect for the coaches and team. During the game Benny will be cheering for his team on the sidelines, out of the way of the Marching Band, cheerleaders, and football team.

As much as we love dogs, we ask that you not bring your dog or pet to the games or events. Benny is the only dog that has pre-approved permission. Please do not cost us all the privilege of having our mascot to cheer us on.