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Superintendent's Student of the Month

David Mills

What is one of your favorite things about LCA?

It is a school that encompasses a variety of cultures and like and dislikes

but at the same time has a common ground where we all want to go. It is excellent!



I have had so many good teachers for the past six years. If I could choose

only one, it would have to be Mr. Sexton. He supports me whole heartedly and I know he is praying for me all the time. He has been a huge support in helping me go after my calling in ministry. I have learned that ministry is not self seeking.

I have learned to serve others for God's glory and not your own, otherwise what you are doing is worthless. 



WHAT DO YOU want to do after you graduate?

I would like to study law at Liberty University and Florida State University on a legacy scholarship where my mom went. After, I would like to join the military as an Air Force lawyer. I have so many ideas in the works, I know God designed me to be respectfully argumentative and passionate for a cause. Eventually I would like to end up in China for my ministry.