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Liberty Christian Academy exists to support parents and guardians in their biblical responsibility to nurture and train their children. Thus, LCA provides opportunities which allow students to realize their God-given potential and to live lives that glorify God in the spiritual, academic, social, physical and vocational realms.

the Portrait of a LIBERTY CHRISTIAN academy GRADUATE

  1. Know God Deeply
    • Fear and respect God
    • Desire Godly company
    • Be a Godly example to others
    • Trust in God’s word
    • Involvement in the local church
    • Community Service
  2. Biblical Stewardship
    • Develop an external perspective and work ethic based on Colossians 3:23.
  3.  Intellectual Achievement
    • Desire and respect a rigorous intellectual development path within the context of how God wired them.
  4.  Whole Person Development (Luke 2:52)
    • Well rounded student that begins to recognize their God-given potential.
  5. Strong College Preparative Foundation
    • Demonstrate a strong liberal arts education characterized by proven writing, mathematical thinking, synthesis skills, and mastery of academic objectives.
  6.  Christ Centered Worldview
    • To have a “big picture perspective” that they are part of God’s plan to reach others by demonstrating the love and attitude of Christ to all people.