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Zone 33




Mission Statement

Zone 33 seeks to enhance the competitive atmosphere of all LCA Athletics Contests through the mode of positive encouragement while also maintaining respect for the opposition and officials. Through this endeavor, those participating part will properly represent the mission and vision of LCA and, more importantly Jesus Christ for whom this institution stands.


Vision Statement

Zone 33 aims to be the premier high school athletics’ fan section in the state of Virginia.


Theme Verse

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” –Matthew 6:33


Why 33?

LCA Athletics takes pride in creating programs which emphasize whole person development (Luke 2:52). The number is a reminder of our first priority in this mission as is stated by Matthew 6:33. Additionally, the number is representative of the only retired jersey in LCA Football history, worn by the late Jason Brown. In using this number it is hoped that we can remember Jesus Christ, remember our past, and move humbly and boldly into our future.


General Description

LCA Athletics, in direct collaboration with the many clubs and organizations which make up the school, will create a fan zone specifically geared toward our students which will provide them an opportunity to best cheer on our Bulldogs. This fan zone does not exist solely for LCA’s football team; it exists for all LCA athletic teams.



Zone 33 is to be as loud and as proud as possible to cheer on our Bulldogs! Our fans are to create and maintain an intense atmosphere which creates a true home field/ court advantage! Dress as crazy as you can, but don’t forget the LCA handbook as you prepare for the game! Our cheers are to encourage our players, not put down our opponents! We are all one big family in Zone 33 and our actions will reflect that by respecting even the youngest of our members! Upperclassmen are to be the leaders of our school and likewise the leaders in doing things the right way! Last but not least, we cannot forget our theme verse in Matthew 6:33!


Who can join?

Are you a student of LCA? If yes, then congratulations you can join up! Zone 33 is a place where every student is welcome regardless of grade level! Don’t forget this is about being a community and rallying behind our Bulldogs!