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Early Learning Center Director

Sharon Everett,

Early Learning Center Assistant Director

Lacey Beckwith,

Elementary School Principal / Head of Schools for Academics

Winnie Taber,

Elementary Assistant Principal

Nicole Griffin,

Middle School Principal / Transportation Director

Jeffrey Capps,

Middle School Assistant Principal

Jennifer Crews,

Head of Schools / High School Principal

John Patterson,

Executive Assistant to Head of Schools

Melanie Moore,

High School Assistant Principal / Dean of Men

Matthew Hildebrand,

High School Assistant Principal / Dean of Women

Dawn Thomas,

Guidance Counselor

Ralph Hagner,

Guidance Counselor

Aisha Rodriguez,

Campus Pastor

Louis Preston Jr.,

Athletic Director

Frank Rocco,

Assistant Athletic Director

Jonathan Mitchell,

Athletic Secretary

Carrie Bradley,


Angela Moody & Jessica Hunter,

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Amy Love,

Director of Technology

Harry Rucker Jr.,

Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

Allen Harbarger,

Manager of Human Resources / Certification

Stephanie Morris,

Manager of the Office of Student Accounts

Nicole Muntslag,

Finance Operations Manager

Kristi Jennings,

A/P Clerk

Wendy Storey,

OSA Receptionist

Leslie Beverly,

OSA Accounts and Billing Specialist

Toni Ranson,

Director of International Relations

Jay Hamilton,

International Activities/Ministry Coordinator

Yemu Zheng,

Director of Academy Relations

Amy Saylor,

Marketing / Communications Specialist

Ashley Saunders,


Hope Yarberry,

Print Support

Susan Hunter,

Bus Drivers

Nathaniel Carter, David Cyphert, Donald Hamlette, Danny Rogers, Lila Wilkinson, Steve Yates
  • Amendola, Amy (ELC Teacher)
  • Boyette, Mary (ELC Teacher)
  • Brewer, Tamara (ELC Teacher)
  • Cox, Tina (ELC Music Teacher)
  • Fletcher, Maria (ELC Teacher)
  • Hudson, Amy (ELC Teacher)
  • Jean-Jacques, Peyton (ELC Teacher)
  • Jeffcoat, Stacey (ELC Teacher)
  • Meyer, Karen (ELC Teacher)
  • Mock, Patricia (ELC Teacher)
  • Ness, Cindy (ELC Teacher)
  • Parra, Bonnie (ELC Teacher)
  • Patterson, Alcinda (ELC Teacher)
  • Phillips, Bonny (ELC Teacher)
  • Rogers, Emily (ELC Teacher
  • Scott, Nena (ELC Teacher)
  • Shelton, Dana
  • Thompson, Meshelle (ELC Teacher)
  • Lahikainen, Dilini (ELC Teacher)
  • Anthony, Courtney (ELC Teacher)
  • Calloway, Olivia (ELC Teacher)
  • Coats, Veronica (ELC Teacher)
  • Johnson, Terri (ELC Teacher)
  • Jordan, McKenzie (ELC Secretary)
  • Mixon, Vickie (ELC Teacher)
  • Mullins, Michelle (ELC Teacher)
  • Thompson, Kathyn (ELC Teacher)
  • Albert, Melody (2nd Grade Teacher)
  • Askew, Amy (Elementary Aide)
  • Barnhart, Karen (Resource Teacher)
  • Bauserman, April (2nd Grade Teacher)
  • Bieri, Amanda (Kindergarten Teacher)
  • Breedlove, Elizabeth (Elementary Aide)
  • Burggraf, Judy (5th Grade Teacher)
  • Carniol, Dianne (5th Grade Teacher)
  • Carter, Braxton (3rd Grade Aide)
  • Clements, Diana (4th Grade Teacher)
  • Cook, Molly (Elementary Aide)
  • Cooke, Betty (Elementary Aide)
  • Cucci, Sarah (Kindergarten Teacher)
  • Falwell, Cheri (5th Grade Teacher)
  • Gilmore, Michelle (1st Grade Aid)
  • Harris, Jennifer (Elementary Aid)
  • Joyner, Georgette (Elementary Physical Education Teacher)
  • Kappler, Karen (Elementary Computer Teacher)
  • Marks, Naomi (1st Grade Teacher)
  • Maus-Thomas, Kimberly (Elementary Art Teacher)
  • McHaney, Melanie (1st Grade Teacher)
  • Mehorter, Jessica (3rd Grade Teacher)
  • Patterson, Cynthia (1st Grade Teacher)
  • Phelps, Sheri (Kindergarten Teacher)
  • Redgate, Lindsey (4th Grade Teacher)
  • Rice, Julie (2nd Grade Teacher)
  • Rommel, Molly (3rd Grade Teacher)
  • Sherman, Ann (2nd Grade Teacher)
  • Singleton, Michelle (Elementary Music Teacher)
  • Smith, Sonja (Elementary Reading Specialist)
  • Soistmann, Jennifer (Elementary Secretary)
  • Staples, Cherie (Elementary Aid)
  • Stinnette, Jennifer (STEM Teacher)
  • Tibbs, Amber (4th Grade Teacher)
  • Toews, Vicki (1st Grade Teacher)
  • Tollerson, Terrie (5th Grade Teacher)
  • Tyree, Denise (3rd Grade Teacher)
  • Underwood, Renee (5th Grade Teacher)
  • Weber, Bethany (3rd Grade Teacher)
  • Wenger, Amanda (Kindergarten Teacher)
  • White, Karla (Assistant Librarian)
  • Yeatts, Marla (4th Grade Teacher)
  • Davidson, Jennifer (After School Director)
  • Abell, Shawn (Resource Teacher)
  • Bunting, Karen (Science Teacher)
  • Cambeletta, Susan (Bible Teacher)
  • Caudill, Dawn (History Teacher)
  • Dudley, Christy (Math Teacher)
  • Erquiaga, Ruth (Math Teacher)
  • Ferrin, Patricia (English Teacher)
  • Gooley, Beatriz (Science Teacher)
  • Harrelson, Jared (Bible Teacher)
  • Parker, Laura (English Teacher)
  • Paulson, Lecia (Middle School Secretary)
  • Riley, Julia (Health and Physical Education Teacher)
  • Roach, Courtney (History Teacher)
  • Schwartz, Joanna (Math Teacher)
  • Wade, Catherine (Math Teacher)
  • Walker, Melissa (Science Teacher)
  • Weaver, Terry (Health and Physical Education Teacher)
  • Alpaugh, Helen (Resource Teacher)
  • Andrews, Cristen (Math Teacher)
  • Arthur, Brande (Science Teacher)
  • Baker, Janet (Health and Physical Education Teacher)
  • Baker, Kenneth (Shop Aide)
  • Bateman, Jon (History Teacher)
  • Baxter, David (Math Teacher)
  • Boda, Carrie (English Teacher)
  • Bozzo, Josephine (Librarian)
  • Breen, Nadine (Music Teacher)
  • Brewer, Pamela (Science Teacher)
  • Campbell, Ashley (French Teacher)
  • Chestnut, Amber (Yearbook and Photography Teacher)
  • Conley, Amber (History Teacher)
  • Dalenberg, Elizabeth (English Teacher)
  • Donovan, Thomas (Bible Teacher)
  • Edwards, Charity (English Teacher)
  • Fisher, Gideon (Athletic Trainer)
  • Heist, Sara (Spanish Teacher
  • Hyland, Scott (Bible Teacher)
  • Jerominiek, Caryn (English Teacher)
  • Jones, Sherman (Drama Teacher)
  • Jordan, Stephen (Bible Teacher)
  • Kingery, Karen (Culinary Arts Teacher)
  • Lester, Christine (Math Teacher)
  • Love, Daniel (History Teacher)
  • Maxey, Sarah (English Teacher)
  • Mills, Erin (Finance Teacher)
  • Mills, James (Finance Teacher)
  • Moon, Stephen (English Teacher)
  • Morris, Belinda (Science Teacher)
  • Morris, Michael (Bible Teacher)
  • Murphy, Daniel (Math Teacher)
  • Nesselrotte, Kent (Wood Shop Teacher)
  • Ortiz-Clark, Carmen (Spanish Teacher)
  • Parker, Erin (History Teacher)
  • Perdue, Christina (Math Teacher)
  • Pfaff, Karen
  • Potter, Paula (Science Teacher)
  • Purcell, Valerie (Guidance Secretary)
  • Redgate, Paul (Math Teacher)
  • Roberts, Amanda (Applied Arts Teacher)
  • Rocco, Christopher (Bible Teacher)
  • Ross, Brenda (Attendance Clerk)
  • Seipp, Larry (Band Teacher)
  • Sexton, David (Science Teacher)
  • Simmons, Joyce (Registrar)
  • Standeven, Erin (History Teacher)
  • Steenburgh, Erin
  • Stewart, Patricia (Science Teacher)
  • Wallace, Joshua (Health and Physical Education Teacher)
  • Walter, Jenny (LCA Flex Teacher)
  • Walton, Suzanne (Health and Physical Education Teacher)
  • Watts, Laura (Art Teacher)

Current Openings

  • High School
    • High School Science Teacher (Chemistry and Physics)
  • Middle School
    • Middle School Math Teacher
    • Middle School Bible Teacher
  • Elementary School
    • Substitute Teacher for all grades
  • Early Learning Center
    • Early Learning Center Assistant Teacher
    • Early Learning Center Encore (After School) Teacher

To apply to any LCA position, click Apply to LCA below.

How to Apply

  • Complete the online employment application.
  • Sign In using the “Sign In” button (top left corner of our Career Center page).
  • Complete the “My Profile” section, either after you sign in or after you have completed the employment application questions.  All employment applications are considered incomplete if this section is not finished.  Unfinished applications will not be reviewed by our hiring committee until after the “My Profile” section is finished.
  • Choose a job opening.
  • Choose “Join Our Talent Community” if a job opening in your field is currently unavailable.  This allows you to receive notifications as job opportunities become available.

Liberty Christian Academy is an accredited school by The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), AdvanceEd/Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and approved by the State of VA.  VA and ACSI certification are required for full or part-time teaching positions.

First year Faculty and Administrators have a grace period for the first school year they are hired for the ACSI certification.  The details for each of the certifications may be obtained on their websites:  Virginia Department of and


**It is required that all teachers who apply have a state teaching license or carry a provisional state teaching license.  It is highly recommended that Bible teaching applicants have a seminary degree or carry some type of degree in Biblical studies, ministry, or religion.  Prospective teachers will interview with their respective principal, assistant head of school for academics, and the school superintendent.  In addition, the candidate will be asked to teach a minimum of one lesson to demonstrate teaching proficiency. 

Liberty Christian Academy is an equal employment opportunity employer.

Human Resources Contact

Stephanie Morris