Homeschool Support Program

Participation: Families with children in grades K-12 wishing to participate in the LCA Homeschool Support Program by having their children participate in on-campus educational offerings are required to fulfill the same entrance requirements as a normal LCA student. Benefits to registered homeschool students are based upon space available and include:

  1. Grades K-5: Registered students may take non-core co-curricular classes such as art, physical education, and computer, to include library privileges. For grades 5 & 6, students may also take classes in areas such as band, choir, study skills, home, science lab, and art.
  2. Grades 6-12: Registered students may enroll in credited core and elective classes for which the student meets required prerequisite criteria. Seventh grade students may take band, choir, art, critical thinking, physical education, and computer, to include library privileges. Part-time students in grades 8-12 may enroll in a maximum of three courses per semester.Graduation from the Academy requires that students meet all state requirements for graduation and participate as full-time students for a minimum of both semesters of their senior year.Registered students, taking at least one on-campus course, may participate in fine arts activities such as choir, art, marching band, symphonic band, and adjudication events. Students enrolled in tenth grade health and physical education receive the book portion of driver education as part of the course. Conference regulations prohibit part-time students from involvement in interscholastic sports.
  3. Standardized testing services: Registered homeschool students may take the PSAT during the regularly scheduled testing periods for a $30 fee.

Grades K-12 Tuition and Fees:

  • Kindergarten $1,107 per class
  • 1st-5th Grade $1,140 per class
  • 6th-8th Grade $1,203 per class (plus applicable lab and student program fee)
  • 9th-12th Grade $1,260 per class (plus applicable lab and student program fee)
  • K-7th Student Program Fee $100 per applicable class
  • 8th-12th Student Program Fee $420 (includes iPad leasing fee)

Tuition and fees for registered participants: There are no refunds for classes canceled due to weather or unavoidable schedule changes. For course offerings, schedules, and availability, contact the division principal.

Homeschool students are responsible for maintaining all LCA standards of behavior, appearance, and attendance as outlined in the student handbook. Home School Support students must sign the student handbook.

In the case of school uniforms, homeschool students need only to wear an LCA uniform if attending class as a student. Attending as a visitor for other school functions (e.g. testing) students must be dressed in modest, neat clothing that meets LCA non-uniform criteria. Division principals will have final authority in dress code matters.

Attendance must be regular and timely, and homeschool students must not present a disruptive influence during any LCA activity. Students who establish a pattern of irregular attendance, disruptive behavior, or are non-compliant with LCA standards will be asked to leave the program.