Continuous Enrollment Fee of $145 due February 15

The Continuous Enrollment Fee of $145 is a non-refundable fee and will be automatically charged to your FACTS account on February 15. You can opt out of your child(ren)’s Continuous Enrollment fee by notifying the Office of Student Accounts by January 31, 2021. 


After January 21, 2021-  $270


February 1, 2021 – Open Enrollment Begins  $270

This fee is due with the application for all families. The family application fee is a non-refundable fee. It may not be included in a tuition payment plan.


Tuition may be paid in full, on a semester basis (twice per year), on a quarterly basis (four times per year), on a 10-month plan (August-May), or on a 12-month plan (July-June). Monthly payment amounts listed below do not include the Student Program Fee.

























  • All families are required to establish a FACTS account. Families who pay monthly or quarterly are required to pay via FACTS by linking their bank account or credit card for automatic withdrawals (ACH).
  • There is a yearly non-refundable FACTS participation fee to be drafted on July 15. The fee is $10 for paid in full payment plans, $15 for semester payment plans, and $45 for quarterly or monthly payment plans.
  • Tithing TRBC Members, who have met the TRBC and LCA requirements as detailed on the 2021-2022 TRBC Member Discount Application, must submit the application from Jan. 11 to Feb. 8, 2021 in order to be eligible for the discount. No applications will be accepted after this window of Jan. 11 to Feb. 8, 2021. 


The Family Tuition Discount Plan is only available to families with three or more children enrolled in grades K-12 at LCA.

  • Eldest and second child pay full tuition.
  • Third child pays 70 percent of full tuition.
  • Fourth and successive children pay 50 percent of full tuition.


Student Program Fees are due July 15 and are paid for each student in the family attending LCA. This fee pays for the personal iPad rental fee for students in grades 8-12, for use of classroom iPads for grades K-7, all textbook rentals (hardcopy, e-book, or downloadable), admission to all regular season home athletic events, the Attraction Value and Dining Coupon Guide, and a yearbook for students in grades K–12. It is a non-refundable fee. For senior students taking Dual Enrollment classes, the textbooks are not included in this cost. This fee also includes use of our library online research database, wireless access, tech support, etc.


Grades 1-4

Grade 5

Grades 6-7

Grades 8-12

$330 (All supplies, field trip, and graduation fees are included in this cost.)

$305 (All supplies and field trip fees are included in this cost.)

$305 (Field trips included. Additional supplies may be required by student.)

$320 (Additional supplies may be required at the cost of the student.)

$420 (iPad leasing fee is included in this cost.)


Included in the cost of the tuition (for grades 9-12).

  • Class dues include senior t-shirt, cap and gown rental, senior retreat, and graduation DVD.
  • Middle School lab fees (grades 6-8) are not included in tuition and are billed separately.

Grade 6 Art 

Grade 6 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Grade 7 Exploratory (Shop, STEM, Drama) 

Grades 7-12 Art 

Grade 8 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) 

Grades 8-12 Home Economics 

Grades 8-12 Drama









Field Trips for grades 6-12 are paid separately from tuition and student program fees.


Tardy Fees are assessed for students who are late to first period 5 times and will receive a charge of $10. A student who is tardy 10 times to first period will receive a charge of $20. These fees will be added to FACTS and invoices will be mailed.

For qualifying students, the following fees will be added to tuition and included in monthly payments.


Transportation Fees may be added to the total tuition due and paid over 10 or 12 months. Pick up and drop off points are centrally located. Please call the school for information regarding the points nearest your location. Fees are based on Zone 1 (0-10 miles), Zone 2 (11+ miles), and number of students riding per family. There is a $25 per trip fee for students not signed up for the bus who use the service.

1 Student


2 Students 


3 Students 


4 Students


5 Students


1 Student


2 Students


3 Students


4 Students


5 Students

$3, 734

1 Student


2 Students


3 Students


4 Students


1 Student


2 Students


3 Students


4 Students



Parking Decals are $35 per decal ($5 for every additional decal).


Grades K-5 Before School Care (7:00 – 7:30 a.m.)

Grades K-5 After School Care (3:17 – 5:30 p.m.)

Grades K-5 Before and After School Care Combined

Grades 6-12 After School Care (3:17 – 5:30 p.m.)

$410 per year

$1,845 per year

$2,050 per year

$103 per semester


If you have interest in learning more about these academic support programs, please contact your division principal.

Grades K-12 General Resource 

Grades K-5 Math Support 

K Reading Intervention 

Grades 1-4 Reading Intervention 

Grade 5 Reading Intervention 

Grade 6 Math Enrichment 

Grades 7-8 Math Enrichment

$1,230 per year

$77 per quarter (2 days per week)

$65 per quarter (4-5 days per week)

$129 per semester (4-5 days per week)

$65 per semester (2 days per week)

$129 per semester (every other day)

$154 per semester (every day)


(Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)

$364 per semester


Students may take up to three classes should space be available.


Grades 1-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

Grades K-7 

Grades 8-12

$1,140 per class

$1,175 per class

$1,240 per class (plus applicable lab and student program fee)

$1,300 per class (plus applicable lab and student program fee)

$100 per applicable class

$420 (includes iPad leasing fee)

LCA School Board policy stipulates that all accounts must be kept current and no account may be in arrears by sixty (60) days or $800. Violation of this policy may result in withdrawal until the account is made current. Academic transcripts and final report cards will be held until an account is paid in full.

Families who elect to send their children to LCA enter into a contractual agreement; therefore, they are obligated to pay full tuition for the school year as contracted. The application fee, re-enrollment fee, student program fees, and lab fees are non-refundable.


No person shall be denied enrollment, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefit of, or subject to discrimination in any program or activity on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, or ethnic group. For the safety and well-being of our students and employees, students and/or employees with a life-threatening communicable disease may not attend or work at LCA. Decisions regarding attendance or employment will be taken into account by multiple medical professionals with expertise in the disease. As a Bible-based educational institution, LCA adheres to the Biblical teaching that homosexual practices and transgender lifestyles are not acceptable lifestyles. LCA does not employ teachers nor does it admit or retain students, who are engaged in homosexual or bi-sexual practices, or in a transgender or transsexual lifestyle.