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The Liberty Christian Academy Early Learning Center exists to support parents and guardians in their Biblical responsibility to nurture and train their children. Thus, the Early Learning Center provides a secure, loving, Christ-centered environment focused on meeting each child's social, academic, physical, and spiritual needs within an active learning environment.


The ELC is located on the North Campus of Liberty University, just behind Thomas Road Baptist Church. Large, well equipped classrooms as well as exciting indoor and outdoor play lands invite children to learn.

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From ELC Director, Dr. Dawne Hill:


“Allow the children to come to Me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”     Mark 10:14


 This past week, a parent in one of our two year old classes asked a very pertinent question.  She wanted to know more about the kinds of daily routines and curriculum her daughter could expect in the ELC this year.  I've provided the teachers' response here because it so beautifully illustrates not only the essence of our mission to partner with families in their Biblical responsibilities in raising Godly children, but also the depth of knowledge, wisdom and commitment to the Word of God our ELC teachers demonstrate daily.

"First, we definitely have a set routine and schedule that we follow every day. Children need structure, and they need time to play; our schedule meets both of these needs. 


As for our curriculum, we are using a Bible-based hybrid of High Scope and Creative Curriculum. We will use a project approach to learning. We want to promote children’s innate sense of wonder at God’s creation, to encourage their active exploration of their world, and to celebrate their discoveries.  Accordingly, we have taken our first project studies from the Genesis account of Creation. We plan to spend a month on each day of the Creation week so that the children can have time to study and process the concepts. We want the children to begin to understand who God is and to know that they are precious to Him. God is the Almighty, loving Creator of the universe, yet He loves each one of us and wants to have a relationship with us.


Our first project is a study of light and dark. We will explore light, dark, colors, opaque/transparent, shadows. We will integrate these concepts into literacy, math, and science activities, as well as in the children’s playtime. As we look at the differences between night and day, we will also explore the concept of time. The children are learning  that God made light on the first day, and they will learn that God separated darkness from light to make day and night.


The project approach is a new addition to our active learning curriculum. As we get to know the children and their interests better, we will be able to plan projects that build on their interests. All of our activities will be age-appropriate and hands-on. The children will have fun learning about their world through music and movement, quality literature, process art, working in the class garden. Most importantly, they will learn through play. In the process, we will use the projects to create experiences that will foster children's growth in the areas of physical and social-emotional development, language, math, literacy, and science.


I hope this answers your questions. We really appreciate your interest, and we thank you for asking about your child's preschool day. We sincerely thank you for trusting us, and the ELC, to help you care for your children. It is our privilege to support you as you raise them to be the wonderful persons that God created them to be.


In Christ,

Linda Givens

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