LCA High School

Grades 9-12

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Jeffrey Capps
High School Principal/  
Assistant to the Head of Schools

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What to Expect

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  • Call or email the high school office by 9 a.m. if your student will be absent for the day.
  • Please send a handwritten note or email the office to submit a parent excuse for an absence.
  • A call to the school to alert of an absence does not excuse the absence.
  • Students will be marked absent if they miss more than 10 minutes of any class period and prior to that will be marked tardy for class.
  • Students with 9 or more unexcused absences per semester will not receive credit for the class.


Early Dismissals/Late Arrivals

  • Students may leave early if they have a signed note, email,or phone call from a parent/guardian.
  • Please have students drop off early dismissal notes in the high school office by 8:15 a.m.
  • All middle and high school students must sign in, in their respective offices.
  • Text messages from parents are not considered an acceptable form of permission for early dismissals.

Excused Absences

  • Doctor notes from a doctor appointment/illness will be excused when received by the high school office within 48 hours of absence* (or upon return to school). Doctor’s notes may be sent via fax to 434-832-2054 or scanned to email the high school office.
    *Absences that have not been excused within the allotted time will be considered unexcused absences.
  • All absences that do not have an excused note on file, will be considered unexcused. Students may have 9 unexcused absences in a class per semester and still receive credit for the course.
  • Due to the current challenges with COVID-19, parent excuse notes will be accepted as an excused absence from school. Please send a handwritten note or email the high school office to submit a parent excuse for an absence.

Planned Absences

  • Pick up a planned absence form from the high school office for extended absences.
  • Have the planned absence form signed by all teachers, your parent/guardian, and administration for approval.
  • This form does not excuse the absences but makes teachers aware of your student’s absence.
  • Students are responsible for communicating with teachers regarding any makeup work.


  • Students will receive a detention for every 5 accumulated tardies to classes per quarter.
  • Detention will be served before school or during lunch on specified date(s) as determined by administration.