Traffic Flow, Bus Route, and Parking

Traffic Flow at LCA

Follow the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up directions below.

Morning Drop-Off

For morning drop-off, ELC vehicles will drive down through lower parking lot, then up to the stop sign and turn right to use the right-hand lane of Mountain View Road designated for ELC vehicles to travel to PTR 4 (ELC parking lot). The right-hand lane and left-hand lane are designated for elementary school drop-off and merge to one lane at the stop sign. (View ELC/Elem School Drop Off Map)

All middle and high school students should be dropped off in the lower lot.

Afternoon Pick-Up

For afternoon pick-up, beginning at 2:50, both lanes on Mountain View Road will be stationary to the four-way stop in preparation for elementary school pick-up. All ELC traffic should maneuver through the lower lot (PTR 6) to get to the ELC. If not, ELC traffic will get stuck in the elementary school pick-up line.

All middle and high school students should be picked up in the lower lot.

LCA Bus Route

A bus registration form will need to be completed for each student riding the bus.

Bedford Route – AM

  • Walmart near Wendy’s (Zone 2)​
  • Parking lot of the ice cream stand next to Goode Post Office (Zone 2)​
  • Forest Square Shopping Center (Zone 1)​
  • Traffic Circle at Wyndhurst Dr. (Zone 1)​
  • Cornerstone Traffic Circle (Zone 1)

Bedford Route – PM

  • Cornerstone Dr. traffic circle by flagpole (Zone 1)
  • Wyndhurst Traffic Circle (Zone 1)
  • Forest Square Shopping Center (Zone 1)
  • Brookhill Wesleyan Church (Zone 2)
  • Bedford Walmart near Wendy’s (Zone 2)
  • Parking lot beside Owen’s Market (Zone 2)

Parking Decals

All student drivers are expected to park in PTR 5 and PTR 6. (View parking map) All students who use the PTR 5 and 6 parking lots must have an LCA parking decal. Any car without the appropriate decal will be subject to tow.

Register Your Vehicle

  1. Purchase your decal online.
  2. Visit the switchboard to pick up your decal to stick to the windshield of your car. Each student driving a vehicle to school will be assessed a parking fee of $35.00 ($17.50 for the second semester only) for the first vehicle that they register and $5.00 for each additional vehicle.