We want to take the opportunity to share with you our process for selecting course materials. LCA has developed our own standards, which are evaluated on an ongoing basis by a committee of teachers and administrators. We look at state and national standards, as well our testing data to ensure that our standards are thorough and provide students with all the content and skills they need to be successful, all the while reflecting our Christian worldview and our commitment to Biblical integration.

Because of the effort we invest in the development of our standards, we are not textbook or technology-driven. Our teachers use a variety of resources to teach our standards. Textbooks and technology will never replace engaging instruction. Instead, they merely act as a tool to increase classroom engagement. We adopt each textbook for each class based on its individual merits, and as a result, we have textbooks from many different publishers. We neither accept nor dismiss a textbook based on its alignment with state or national standards, but rather evaluate our books on an individual basis. We consider many factors when choosing our curriculum including readability, the alignment to our standards, worldview, and how well it lends itself to higher-order thinking.

Most textbooks are aligned with either Virginia SOLs, or Common Core. This simply means that using this particular book will meet our objectives as well as others. Please be assured that LCA has not adopted either the Virginia Standards of Learning or Common Core standards. We write our own standards, which provides the foundation and driving forces of our curriculum choices. Any textbook or resource that we use is simply a tool our teachers use to support our standards.

We are committed to strong academic standards through a Biblical framework. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to partner with you.

Dr. Amy Love
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Liberty Christian Academy

Academy Relations

Thanks for visiting us. We would like to welcome you to LCA. The Office of Academy Relations is here to support you. If you are new to our school, we want to make your transition as easy as possible for you. Those in our community view our office as the “one stop shop” where you can get everything you need about LCA. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

Amy Saylor
Director of Academy Relations
Liberty Christian Academy

434-592-4935 |

Student Accounts

Welcome to the Office of Student Accounts. Our team manages the tuition accounts for all students LCA’s campus. Liberty Christian Academy is very much God’s school, and we have seen that through His numerous blessings with our facilities, enrollment, staffing, and leadership!

Because the operation of our school relies on our stewardship, we take our responsibilities seriously. We are responsible for reviewing and collecting on accounts daily. We communicate with our families via email, phone and invoicing.

Parents are always welcome to stop by our offices with any questions about their accounts, an invoice, or even a question unrelated to finance!

Nicole Muntslag

Director of Enrollment

Manager- Office of Student Accounts

Office of Student Accounts: 434-832-2014

Office Hours

School Year
7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Summer Hours
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday

Nurse’s Office

We are here to assist your child as needed for illness, injuries, or however else we are able to help. From time to time, we will send on information from our office that we feel will be useful to you and your family

If you have questions, or if we can be of assistance, please feel free to contact us at 434-832-2011.

Jessica Hunter, RN & Jordan Slade, RN
LCA Nurses

Parents of All New LCA Students…

The following forms will need to be on file in the Nurse’s Office in order for your child to begin attending classes.

For students coming from outside of the state of Virginia, home-school situation, or entering Kindergarten for the first time:

  • Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form, completed by a doctor in the United States of America

For students coming from another Virginia school:

  • LCA School Health Form
  • Current Immunization Record from your doctor/health department

Nursing Forms

Medicine Request Form – Inhaler 2019

Medicine Request Form – Epinephrine-Antihistamine

Medicine Request Form


Welcome to the Liberty Christian Academy Security Office. Our primary focus is the safety of our students and staff as well as the security of our LCA campus. Two full-time positions make up the security team; a front desk receptionist and a campus resource officer.

As part of the secretarial staff, our front desk receptionist handles a variety of duties. First and foremost, this desk is responsible for welcoming guests and visitors to LCA. This allows the receptionist to help monitor security by signing people in and finding out their purpose for being on our campus. When a visitor arrives at our main entrance, a photo is taken and each visitor is issued a pass to be worn for the duration of that visit.

The receptionist also operates the school’s main switch board and performs occasional clerical duties for the Office of Academy Relations. Scheduled tours begin at the front desk and all guests check in here between the hours of 8:20 a.m. and 3 p.m. All doors at LCA are locked during school hours, so the only access to our campus during the day is though the main entrance.

The school resource officer is also located in the Security Office. The officer is associated with Liberty University Police Department but also works on the LCA campus on a full-time basis, Monday through Friday, during the school year. This position is responsible for monitoring traffic in the morning for student drop off and again in the afternoon when students are dismissed.

The school resource officer helps to keep our parking lots safe and secure and also monitors the students in the hallways during transition times between classes and during the lunch shifts. This officer assists our Deans of Discipline with disciplinary issues as needed, but primarily handles any criminal activity that might be detected on the campus. Additionally, the resource officer attends the LCA home sports games and supervises security in those settings.

We are blessed to serve you and look forward to seeing you on your next visit to LCA.