Affording LCA

Enrolling your child in a private school is the single most important decision you will make for his or her education, and we understand the financial implications of doing so.

That is why Liberty Christian Academy is pleased to offer discounts and tuition assistance to qualifying families. We believe if God has placed in your heart the desire for a Christian education for your child, it is our job to help make that desire a reality. We can do so because of the unbelievable generosity of our partners and donors who see the benefit of a Biblical worldview gained through Christian education and want to partner with us to make tuition at LCA affordable.

Committing to LCA is a long-term investment in your child’s educational and spiritual development, from kindergarten through graduation. While we stand ready and willing to assist qualifying families, we also expect you to exercise good stewardship and conscientiously pursue other means of paying tuition, such as additional employment, savings or Virginia 529 utilization, help from extended family members, reduction in non-essential expenses, etc., before asking the school for assistance.


Does LCA Offer Discounts? Yes!

Tuition Assistance

Does LCA Offer Tuition Assistance? Yes!

Students must apply for admission to LCA before consideration of tuition assistance. An award is not guaranteed. An award received in one school year has no bearing on any future award.

The tuition assistance application is an annual process. There is a $40 fee to apply.

  • Applications for tuition assistance may be made for grades K-12. LCA does not offer tuition assistance for the Early Learning Center at this time.
  • Awarded funds are applied to tuition only. All other fees and charges are due in full.
  • A tuition account must remain current (no more than 60 days or $800 past due) to receive or keep an award.
  • LCA utilizes the services of FACTS Management Company to conduct Grant & Aid assessments. They require all prior year tax documents in order to make this determination. LCA may require further documents to verify non-taxable income or in some cases, expenses.
  • Please allow up to three weeks from application submission for the qualification process to be completed.
  • Award decisions are based on FACTS Grant & Aid application results, and are at the sole discretion of the LCA Tuition Assistance Committee.

The 2024-2025 tuition assistance application deadline is August 15th, 2024.