Welcome to Liberty Christian Academy! We are so glad you are considering LCA as part of your family. LCA’s mission is to support parents and guardians in their Biblical responsibility to nurture and train their children. Review the following information and frequently asked questions to find out just how we do that here at LCA!

Timeline for Kindergarten Applications



Once your application is complete, the LCA Elementary Office will call you to schedule an interview with you and your prospective kindergartener. This interview is to get to know you and your child and review LCA policies along with what to expect in LCA Kindergarten.


Complete the School Entrance Health Form

Complete the following forms if needed..


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We use Go Math! and supplement with manipulatives, hands-on activities, games, and center activities to allow our students to build a strong sense of mathematical concepts.
  • To teach reading, we use Letterland to teach phonics. Letterland gives each letter a character that students come to know and love, allowing them to recall their phonic sounds with more ease.
  • We teach sight words using a student-driven method called Rainbow words where students progress through learning their sight words at their own pace. We also focus on 1-2 sight words each week as a class.
  • Our science and social studies curriculum was created by LCA Kindergarten teachers and approach these subjects from a Biblical worldview. They include fun activities, crafts, and experiments to reveal God and His creation in a greater way.
  • Writing is taught using Zaner Bloser for handwriting, and with a developmental writing curriculum which focuses on sharing ideas through drawings and simple, complete sentences.
  • We are not textbook driven.

Each day, lessons will be connected to Biblical truths and to helping students learn more about God.  Each week has a theme that is connected to a weekly Bible verse that students memorize.

  • Math—Hands-on activities (manipulatives) are used to teach concrete operations. Numbers  0 – 100, place value, 1 digit addition, sorting, patterning, addition and subtraction, measurement, time and the value of the penny, nickel dime and quarter, and developing number sense.
  • Language Arts – letter sounds (beginning-middle-ending), letter identification/writing, rhyming, sequencing a story, making predictions, copying words, writing ideas; Writing: sharing ideas with pictures and at least one complete sentence
  • Science – Seasons, weather, plants, life cycle of frogs and butterflies, body, 5 senses, earth science, space, oceans, magnets, animals.
  • Social Studies – self, family, community, presidents, children around the world, continents, oceans, and mapping skills.
  • Bible – Hebrews heroes of the faith, memorizing God’s word, Creation, the Fall, Salvation, Easter, and Christmas

It varies depending on when our specials occur and on the needs of our students, but your child’s teacher will share the daily schedule with you. Some examples of daily scheduled activities include: Calendar time, Language Arts, Math, Science, Math and Language Arts Centers, Chapel, Bible, Storytime, and Quiet Time.

These are special classes that students visit weekly.  They include Library, PE, Technology, Art, and Music

Each class can have a maximum of 20, Kindergarten aides are utilized

Has he/she been to preschool?  If so, then your child’s preschool teacher is an excellent resource to help address this concern.  You can also contact LCA to express your concerns and ask a teacher.  September 31 is the cut-off date.

There is not a readiness test for kindergarten, however we have seen that certain skills are extremely helpful to a smooth transition and success in Kindergarten.  Students are encouraged to be able to express their needs verbally, share with other students, recognize and write their first name legibly, count to 10 orally, recognize their basic shapes and colors, and take care of their bathroom needs independently.  It is also helpful for students to have self-care skills like zipping and buttoning and be able to separate easily from their parent.

Each teacher writes a discipline plan that is submitted for approval to the principal it outlines the list of classroom rules.  It also lists positive reinforcements and a progressive penalty system.  Parents will receive the class rules and a discipline letter at the beginning of the school year.

Kindergarten does have a Quiet time that allows them to rest their minds and bodies at the end of a full day of learning. Parents provide a red and blue Kinder mat that their child will lie on.  They do not need to sleep, just lie quietly.  Children will be able to listen to music or audio books during this time.  For sanitary reasons we do not allow blankets, stuffed animals, or pillows.  Quiet time is brief, approximately 45 minutes, and we begin to phase it out in December.

Girls and boys may wear neat, modest pants, jeans, shorts, or dresses that are in good repair.  Illustrations on the garment may not be offensive.  No bellies or backs showing. Shoes:  tennis shoes for PE, sandals must have a back strap.

Yes, each class has a laptop and a class set of iPads. These are primarily used for a brief period of time during Centers, or for whole class activities.  Technology is also a specials class.

Yes, but it is minimal.  Most of the homework is project based and family friendly.  A monthly calendar and newsletter is sent home and includes the due date for homework.  This information can also be found your child’s Google classroom.

Google classroom will have each weeks learning topics posted for you.  Announcements and information will be posted there as well.  Monthly newsletters will go home to give an overview of the month and important dates.  Teachers will often email information to you.

Yes – the café prepares hot lunches. Menus and ordering can be done through RenWeb.

Nutritious ready to eat lunches and a beverage. We do not have access to microwaves so lunches cannot be heated.  Students cannot have sodas or glass bottles at lunch.

Yes, you will need to send a daily snack. Students may only drink water at snack time. Refillable water bottles are a necessity as well.

Backpack that fits a full sized folder, kinder mat (rest mat), lunchbox, tennis shoes. Kindergarten teachers will supply all other school supplies for students and have them ready on the first day of school.

Each Kindergarten room has a bathroom in the class.  Children may use the restroom as needed, the entire class will take specific breaks as needed.  We also visit the restrooms to wash hands often during the day.

Teachers plan activities to meet all learning styles.  We will work with the children in large and small groups.  During this small group time we can challenge higher-level students and we can support struggling learners.  We use frequent assessments to guide our support of individual learners, adjusting our instruction and methods as needed to ensure all students progress and succeed.  Kindergarten Aides also assist with smaller groups or one-on-one guided instruction.

We have a Reading Intervention and a Math Intervention class available for identified students.  These resources are offered on a case-by-case basis.  LCA also has a resource teacher available for students with a Individualized Learning Plan.

No. We give standardized tests beginning in the first grade.  Kindergarten does administer a PALs test to assess each child’s readiness to read in the Fall and the Spring.

We have a progress report that is skills based – we do not assign grades. Progress reports are released each quarter.

Yes, in November & February. Teachers will review student progress, set goals, and answer questions or concerns at this time.  Parents can also request a conference at any time.

Kindergarten students are escorted to class in the morning after drop off.  Students who participate in our early room (Fit Club), which begins at 7:30, are picked up by a teacher and walked to their classroom.  At the end of the day, Kindergarten students remain with their class until their parent arrives for dismissal.

In the classroom, teachers understand and plan instructional time with the understanding that young learners need to be active.  Therefore, many activities will allow for and will encourage movement in the classroom. This includes center times, “wiggle breaks”, learning with songs and dances, etc.  Classrooms are also equipped with alternative seating options which allow for movement during seat work as necessary.  In addition, there are two recess periods daily and the sensory hallways are also utilized by the Kindergarten students.

LCA has a crisis management plan that includes fire drills, lockdowns, and severe weather drills.  We practice these as a class.  An armed officer is posted at LCA.  The building has locked/secure entrances.

You may choose to enroll your child into the after school program – a fee will be applied.


We understand this is a significant decision for you and your family and we are here to help in any way we can. If you have additional questions please call us at (434) 832-2000.